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Are you struggling with anxiety, relationship challenges, low self-esteem, past traumas, or difficulties related to ADHD? You're not alone. With years of experience as a psychotherapist, youth counselor, mental health counselor, and clinical social worker in community health, I've worked with children, youth, and adults facing these issues.


My passion lies in supporting individuals navigating the unique challenges influenced by South Asian cultures. I understand the complexities of cultural expectations and how they shape our self-perception and worldview.


I believe in healing emotional pain to open doors for personal growth and fulfillment. Utilizing a culturally sensitive, evidence-based approach, I integrate dialectical behavior therapy, narrative therapy, and cognitive behavioral interventions to facilitate experiential change and healing, both individually and within relationships.


In a safe, nurturing, inclusive, and respectful environment, we'll collaborate to address your concerns and develop strategies to help you achieve your goals and find joy and calm in your life. 


Let's connect for a 15-minute free consultation and begin your journey towards healing and growth!

Magishaa Thiyagarajah 
Registered Psychotherapist 

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